Railway transportations over Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and CIS countries, cargo transportation to the ports of Azov and Black seas, ports of Latvia.

  • Cargo transportation by railway transport.
  • Customer’s wagon fleet operation.
  • Grain cargo forwarding.
  • Information support of all the stages of transportation.
  • Logistics solutions development.
  • Wagons repair.
  • Transshipment, intermodal exchange in ports.
Wagons searching and tracking over the territory of Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and Baltic countries.

Provision of information about wagons and cargo location,control of trains running on railway network and other up-to-date information on-line:

  • Wagons search over the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries, track record of movement.
  • Information about wagons location on provided criteria.
  • Operational life-time of wagon (mileage, filed data).

Provision of cargo agent services twenty-four seven.

Diversity of services on wagons repair and maintenance.
  • Overall repair (OR), roundhouse servicing (RS) and current uncoupling repair (CUR)in wagon depots or car-building plants environment.
  • Wagons preparation for loading (TP-1), using LLC «Metallurgtrans» own resources (reference number of the enterprise «4284» in the data of Railway Information Computer Center)or in wagon depots environment.
  • Technical inspection of wagons as per life-time extension with further execution of scheduled repair at the territory of Ukraine.
Innovation activities, related to development of new models of railway rolling stock and modernization of existing ones.

Development of new and modernization of existing models of wagons aiming to:

  • Increase of cargo payload and their technical and economic indexes.
  • Expansion of nomenclature of transported cargo and wagons functionality and multi-purposeness.
  • Cargo operations time reduction over wagons loading and unloading.
  • Technological effectiveness of cargo operations and load fastening, staff’s safety level increase over loading-unloading operations.
24-hour data accessing through iPhone and Android.

Application allows to determine wagon’s current location within railways of CIS countries upon target wagon number, receive the information about type of cargo, weight and receiving station.

For Pro version additional service is available by means of rolling stocks search upon their numbers, as well as examination of station spot on the map.

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