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Our services:

  • Organization of regional and export-import freight transportation by rail
  • Transportation of metal products, iron ore raw materials, limestone, grain, cement products, coal, charcoal and sulphur
  • Organization of transportation of in-transit freight in Ukraine
  • Transportation services in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and CIS countries; transportation of cargoes to the ports of Black and Azov seas and Latvia
  • 24-hour freight agent services
  • Innovation activities and development of the investment projects
  • Development of the LogiStock programming system

Tender for purchasing of locomotives


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Full range of services:

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Rail freight transportation in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and other CIS and Baltic countries.
24/7 freight agent services.
Search and track wagons in the CIS, EU and Baltic countries.
Business innovation. Contact bureaus in Berlin and London.
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Head Office Reception:
+38(056) 791 11 51 fax:+38(056) 791 13 61
office@metrans.com.ua 1, Heroiv Maidanu square, Dnipro, 49000, Ukraine

License from The State Inspection of Ukraine for Overland Transportation for transporting dangerous freights by rail Series AB 190881 from 15.05.2014

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